Afternoon tea

Entrance at the Royal Marine

In Dun Laohaire I stayed, once again, in the lovely Royal Marine Hotel. It is a very nice place to stay, good staff, good rooms and a wonderful location.

Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 4: Royal Marine Hotel

Table reserved for us!

This time around I decided it was time to try their highly praised (by a few people I talked to), Afternoon tea. So I booked a table and started looking forward to enjoy this with my family. It lived up to my high hopes.

A cup of tea

Normally I drink more coffee than tea, but this occasion I felt tea was in order. I do get quite a few comments in Ireland when I go there and tell people that regardless of weather I drink coffee or tea I prefer if you don’t put anything in it, like milk or sugar. But I guess I’m just a bit weird like that.

Some lovely food arrived

When the food arrived it was good in normal and Irish standards. By this I mean that it tasted amazing and that there was plenty of it. Even if I started out very hungry before the food arrived, there was no way all the food could be eaten by us at the time we sat down in the lovely surroundings to eat. So at the end of the meal the staff kindly boxed all the food we had problems finishing so that we could send it home to the nursing home where or guest is staying. They seemed to enjoy the treats.

Ready to dig in. My favorites of the sweet treats was the red velvet cakes

Now it is time for me to go out for a little walk and enjoy the lovely crisp and cold sunny Saturday! I have feeling there might not be the same amount of nice food as there was on holiday. Hope all is well with you all.

Not the worst view