Weekend soon come

A nice walk after work

Today was one of those days, when I felt like I had done quite a lot, but still I felt like I got nowhere. This is really a frustrating feeling, as it feels like I have been pedaling as fast as I could but someone just keeps extending the road as I go. But maybe tomorrow will show that the effort put in today maybe was larger then it felt like at the end of the day today. The other thing that was troubling me a little bit was the fact that I had a feeling that it was Wednesday today and that there was yet another day of this week that I have to finish my workload. But no, I will have to finish tomorrow if I don’t want to cancel most my plans for the weekend and go to work. Hope I can manage to both, finish up and enjoy some weekend.

Tomorrow I’m going out for bowling and burgers with work and I am quite looking forward to it. But there is a lot of stuff I need to finish before I get that far. But I am really looking forward to sitting down (after a bit of bowling) with a nice burger and a nice cold beer at a place appropriately called Burgers & Beer. The food is pre-ordered, but I still have not decided on a beer that I should choose. I do not have the energy to drink to many after a very busy week. Weekend here I come (soon, soon). The start of it looks promising for me.

What about you? Do you have anything planned for the weekend ahead?

28 thoughts on “Weekend soon come

  1. I don’t have much planned for the weekend. Saturday I will just make sure I know where I am going for counselling at a later date. While in the area, I may call at a local cafe in a supermarket there. But shall see.
    I plan on a lazy weekend.

  2. That sounds so fun. This weekend I hope to visit my 79 year old aunt, we will have a day of what we call junk shopping. Shopping at thrift stores and then we all go out as a family to eat lunch somewhere. Have a fun weekend.

  3. Great plan for the weekend. I hope you get it all done so you can enjoy. I do know the feeling well of racing and still getting little accomplished. Today was pretty good in the work department. The beer is on my nightstand while I read blogs and leave notes. Nice ending to long work day. It’s Saturday here. 😉

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