Hi all,

I am in fact still alive and kicking. But I have been very busy and a bit stressed lately. In addition to being a very busy time of year in general I have been traveling a bit both with work and privately. Hopefully I will have some time to update you more on this soon.

As if things was not busy enough now, I decided that I wanted to buy a bigger place and I have put my beloved little appartment up for sale. Had I fully realize how much work this would be I’m not sure I would have done it.  For those who want to see where I live here is a link to the add.

Hope all that all of you are doing well.


Weekend of rehersals again!


This weekend and all of next week I will be going to rehersals and playing concerts.  My band are going to go to Bergen the weekend after this to participate in the Norwegian National Brass Band Championship.  It’s going to be a very busy week, but hopefully it will be fun. I’m very much looking forward to going back to Bergen as I used to lived there for five years and I will get the opportunity to meet up with friends from my student days.

Work is also quite busy these days so time will probably fly by the next while. I’m really enjoying work and I’m getting more sure I made the right choice going there. Great people and interesting tasks.

The weather here has gone warmer for a while and the ice and snow is gone.

So that’s a little update from me. What is happening with you?

Busy but happy!

These last few week has been very busy for me. First there was a lot of rehersals and concerts with my band leading up to a competition last Saturday. We were very happy with our performance and so was the adjudicators who awarded us with a great third place!


Nice photo from Stavanger

After the competition there was no rest, because we entered a very busy week at work and I had to spend most of my time there. And this weekend has mostly gone to help my brother build a new kitchen.

This has been very busy, but at the same time I’m enjoying myself.  So I’ve been busy, but happy. I have had some time this weekend to catch up on some of your lovely posts and in my busy time I’ve missed you all. But I should have more time to hang out with you guys now!

Hope you’re all doing great and that the weekend is treating you well.    

What am I Missing? – Drop me a link!

Everything is starting to get ready for the competition this weekend. I’m very much looking forward to the whole event. It’s one of two yearly events where I get to meet up with friends and acquaintances from all over the country. Work is busy, but I enjoy it a lot.

Old gate in the woods

Old gate in the woods

Being this busy I don’t have the time to read as many blog posts as I usually do, but as I said in my previous post I don’t like to miss out on things. The WP reader only shows you a limited amount of posts and when you’re not visiting all the time you can’t keep up! So if there is anything you’ve written that you think I should see or you come across something I should read when I get the time.

Autumn Photos


I’ve entered a very busy week with my band sadly don’t have as much time as I would like to keep up with your bloggs. If I’m missing out on something really good please drop me a link in the comment section and I will check it out when I get the time! I leave you with some nice photos I got on my trip a little while back. Hope you enjoy and I hope you’re all well!