Morning cup of coffee

This weekend started just like I hoped it would. Friday evening was take away, red wine and a movie and then it was early to bed. Today I woke up without any alarm clock and without having to go to work or having to do anything much. I did a little bit of tidying and put on a machine of clothes, mostly to feel like I has done something sensible over the weekend (and let’s be honest, it is very much needed). I had a lazy breakfast before I went to the coach with a nice cup of coffee, lit some candles, turned on a podcast and enjoyed reading some lovely blogs. This to me is a perfect way to start a morning when you don’t have to go to work or do anything special.

Candles lit and ready for Hygge

The plans we have today is to go over to some friends and spend the day with them and their kids. And then it is back to chill.

23 thoughts on “Saturyay

  1. Drinking a cup of coffee in Beverly Hills right now after a night watching a few episodes of the hilariously funny “Billy On The Street”, which is now streaming on Netflix…yes, a glass of red wine was nearby…perfect way to agin a weekend – hope you enjoy yours!

  2. I love the word Saturyay! Leisurely weekends are the best. Our Saturday will be full but fun. I like how you made time for the other half then relaxed and emptied your head of work. Good plan. Have a wonderfilled weekend with many peaceful moments.

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