Soon Christmas

Baking with family, it’s important to have some Hello KittyΒ  cookies

Hi people, it’s been quite quiet here lately. This is mostly due to me having been very busy at work. And as it it soon Christmas there has been quite a lot going on the hours I have not been working. For me Christmas is about the people you love, you family and friends. So even if I have not been able to spend as much time with friends as I would have liked I have found the time to join in in all my family’s traditional baking and other things we do before Christmas. I always enjoy being able to do these things.

This weekend I am actually not working, so I have been having a very lazy weekend so far. I have a few little things I need to get done, but I will be able to do them at a very enjoyable pace (at least for now). This evening I will have dinner with my mother and tomorrow it is time for a birthday lunch for my aunt.

Hope you are all doing well and that the Christmas spirit has found it’s way to you and yours.

24 thoughts on “Soon Christmas

  1. WordPress is not allowing me to “like” most bloggers…not sure why, but happy holidays to you…we are making food, enjoying friends and watching all of the latest movies to get caught up for awards season!

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