Goals for 2020

It’s a new year and new possibilities, and I ended the previous year and started it in a quiet celebration with just me and my other half. Eating good food, watching a movie and enjoying a few games of mastermind, that I was lucky enough to get for Christmas and that I had not played since childhood. I watched the lovely display of fireworks at midnight and then I went to bed. I even dropped the sparklers and bubbly this year and was just happy to be able to stay awake past midnight.

Had some lovely tapas for New Years Eve

So I got up this morning and decided to sit down and write my blogging goals for the year. I had a hard time deciding how to set my goals, and what my level of ambition should be. The goals I set for myself are only going to be about my blogging, not about the amount of visits and likes and other things that I cannot control. And because I do this blog because I enjoy to write my goals will be set with that in mind. I will, at some stage, take another month like I did in November and do one blog post every day for a month. This year I have not been blogging for a full year and so I will set a goal to write a lot more this year. In 2019 I published 18,962 words, but for this year I am setting my goal quite a lot higher and aim to publish at least 100,000 words this year. It feels a little ambitious, but I need to push myself and so I hope at least some of those words will be worth reading.

After some tapas it was time for some nice cheese

Another thing I want to be better at is to leave more comments on the blog posts I read. I do enjoy reading a lot of blog posts and sitting down with a cup of coffee reading your blogs. But I do know that I am not the best at leaving comments, mostly because I feel that I don’t have to much interesting to say, but most people, myself included, enjoy when you leave them a few words. So I hope to be better at that this year.

Hope your New Year celebrations was the way you wanted it to be. Do you have any goals for your blogging this year? If so what sort of goals do you have?

54 thoughts on “Goals for 2020

  1. Best wishes for the New Year.

    I have no blogging goals than to carry on doing what I already do.

    Away from my blog, I do have some goals. The aim of these goals are short term while I work on a possible long term goal. This is something I will blog about a little later when my blogging resumes. But the aim of my short term goals is so that I have something to look forward to with the difficult year I had last year, that still affects me.

      1. Thank you and you’re welcome.
        I am hoping this year will be better. Although I know it’s still going to be difficult, it shouldn’t be as draining with me continuing to do what I am doing. But to set short-term goals which is lots of day trips this year, gives me something to look forward to, to make up for some unexpected very hard days.

        I look forward to reading future blog posts of yours too.

  2. Happy New Year! Those are worthy blog goals, and I wish you luck. I’m going to run my “business plan” for 2020 out today or tomorrow. I do this every year and it helps keep me focused.

  3. Interesting post, and a nice meal! We had a similar NYE. Of course your comments would be interesting. Good luck with your resolution. I’ll be blogging a bit more too now that I have discovered the lovely WordPress community.

  4. Happy New Year and all the best in 2020. Agree with you that commenting and replying to comments is of prime importance to maintain the blogging community. All too many click follow and then never come back for a real look. Cheers. Allan

  5. First of all, Happy New Year! My immediate goal is to get WordPress to allow me to “like” posts again – it’s a weird glitch that they couldn’t understand, so I will try again once 2020 settles into view…as for goals, I have tried to blog across a number of different topics: food, travel, music, movie and pop culture, and I am going to try and focus those more in order to “articulate my brand” (something I have told clients in the past!)

  6. Sounds like and looks like you had a fabulous meal!

    Great blogging goals. And it’s wonderful that you have a plan!
    I plan on trying hard to post 2-3 times a week. Hard to do for me as we have such an active lifestyle! And to continue to develop “my brand.”

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you and Happy New Year to you too. 2-3 times a week is probably going to be my average too. Except for one month when I will push myself a little extra. But I will have to prepare for that one

  7. I didn’t leave a comment on your last post but thought I’d include the congrats on your good stats here. I do not set goals for blogging as I’m more unsure than ever whether to continue. So I will blog when I have something to say. I have little spare time these days. Most of my writing will be my personal stories for my children. For those that write every day, I get to one post a week. Sounds like you had a perfect new years ever. Looks wonderful. Goals are good to move you out of a rut and into more creativity. I love comments too. 😉 Have a terrific 2020

    1. Sounds like a very good plan Marlene. Everyone has to try to find something that works for them. I enjoy your posts when they come 😊 have a wonderful 2020

  8. Well said. My goal is to write often this year.
    Also, i like dropping comments, (makes me feel i am physically interacting with the writer and makes me feel close to a blogging community) i always have few words to drop after reading a blog though not all writing needs a reply.
    just liking a post is still cool.

  9. I love the idea of setting a blog goal that isn’t about what you cannot control but what you control. I guess my blogging goal would be to not give up and stick to it. Good luck on all of your goals!

  10. May all your goals be achieved. Have a wonderful new year.
    Kindly like and follow my blog too. I just started and starting a new blog is one of my goals. I will appreciate it if you star my blogs, comment on them and follow me.
    Remain awesome

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