Goals for 2021 and a little review

Today is the first day of the new year, and as you have probably gathered from my last posts, I really hope this year is going to be a better one than the previous. 2020 started out with an illness for me, and it continued to do it’s best to exceed all expectations of being the worst year ever. Not just for me, but for most of us. As with all things it was obviously not all bad. 2020 had some good moments too, but all in all I can safely say that I really do have hopes that the new year will be an improvement on the old one.

Last year I set myself some very high goals for blogging. I did not come anywhere near reaching my goal of writing. But all in all I am quite happy with what I did manage. Last year was the best year I have had, in terms of visits. I am quite amazed by how many people that managed to find their way to my little spot here on WordPress. I did also manage to post 102 posts and 24.784 words.

My ten most popular posts this year has been:

  1. Thank you all
  2. Beach walk
  3. Holiday week 4: Prekestolen/ Pulpit Rock
  4. Home sweet home
  5. Not the best start
  6. Road trip 18: Troldhaugen
  7. Goals for 2020
  8. Good and bad
  9. Friday time!
  10. Milestone

For this year I have decided to try to post more and write more that I managed last year, because when I manage to do these things it makes me feel good and it is a good outlet for me. So my goal for the year will be to post at least 150 posts and write at least 30.000 words on my blog through the year.

One of my favorite things here on WordPress is interacting with the other great bloggers out there (yes, that is you), and this year I would like to continue to try reading as many of your posts as I can.

Again I wish that 2021 will be a good year for all of you. Good luck with your goals for the year, if you have set them.

39 thoughts on “Goals for 2021 and a little review

  1. Those are ambitious goals and I hope meet or exceed them. I need to write my 2021 business plan, but I may hold it for a day so it doesn’t get lost in a sea of new year posts.

  2. I continue to find your attitude, generally and toward life, inspiring. From the positive tenor of your posts I truly wouldn’t have known you had a tough year; you are certainly not a complainer!

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