Not the best start

I started 2020 on a positive note and finally decided on my goals for 2020, both on my blog and for the other aspects of my life. As I wrote in my last post, I had quite a quiet celebration, but the next day I felt like I had been at a tiring party. My other half was also off, but we did not think much of this as we both felt better the next day. Last night I went to bed early because I was very tired, but I did not get too much sleep and my nose decided to block up. A bit of fever is making my body ache and my head feels like it is filled with cotton and explosives.

Photo from one of the last walks last year

This means that most of the things I had planned to do to get the feeling of a good start of the year will have to be put on hold. But you never know it might be all over tomorrow and I might be back in the improvable shape I left 2019 with. I have adjusted today’s goals to trying to empty the dishwasher and maybe putting on a machine of clothes and to be able to move around just enough to not cause more aches to my body by not moving. And tea I’m planning to drink loads of it! Now back to trying to sleep.

Hope the start of the year has been better for you than it seems to be for me. Take care.

60 thoughts on “Not the best start

  1. Wishing you a swift recovery. But sometimes the body knows what it wants and right now that sounds like some down time. I hope you enjoy a few days spent relaxing after all your hard work over Christmas.

  2. Aww no, best laid plans eh.. I’m sorry you’re feeling so rough! Maybe this will get the illness period out of the way early this year, leaving the rest of 2020 healthy and free to do as you wish 😉(fingers crossed!)
    Take things easy, drink all the tea possible, and I really do hope you start to feel a little better soon lovely ♥
    Caz xx

  3. Hope you feel better soon! It sounds like you are adjusting your goals with what is healthy for you. That is always a step forward!

  4. Ah, yes. Even the young can run out of steam with a celebration season. I have been giving myself a shot of Jagemeister each night to fend off bugs. I also stay away from crowds of people at this time of year. I don’t have your resilience to recover so I’m hoping it’s a short term bug and not a long one. Take good care of yourselves.

    1. I feel a lot better now, fever gone at least. But need to take things slow for a while. Those sounds like good measures to avoid illness. Hope you stay healthy.

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