Long time no post

I had been some time since I last poster anything, but that does not mean that nothing has happened. One of the things I have occupied myself with is the Norwegian Brass Band Championship in Bergen. Being a part if this with my band is not only busy the weekend of the actual competition, there is a lot of rehearsals and concerts. But even if it has been busy it has been a lot of fun too.

The house where I lived for 5 years

After a lot of preparations last weekend was the time when we got on the bus and headed towards the city of Bergen. As some of you who has followed the blog for a while will know Bergen was my home for 5 years when I was at University. This means that I have some friends and acquaintances up there. Sadly I did not get to see all of them, but I will go back soon. In addition to playing I did get to go for a nice walk in my old neighborhood. I walked past the house that I lived in the whole time I spent in Bergen, as it is only 1 minute from where the competition is held.

Hansa, the beer from Bergen. Always taste lovely after having played

The playing went well and my band were happy with our performance. It seems that the adjudicators was quite happy too and we ended up in second place in our section! The mood at the party and on the bus home was very good. A great way to end a good weekend. Even if storm Ciara made sure we got a bit delayed with the strong winds making sure some ferries were canceled and had to go to other ports than they normally do. But we got home in the end and got of more lightly than other countries. That made sure I could come home to visit my mother on mother day.

Winter decided to pay a short visit, a tiny bit of snow in the backyard

The weather has been mostly rainy and windy lately, but winter has also made a few guest appearances. With a little bit of snow and some ice to make it a bit slippery. I am not a big fan of snow, but at this stage anything is a welcome diversion form rain these days. Luckily I have not slipped and fallen so far.

Hope that you have been doing well and that you are enjoying the weekend.

37 thoughts on “Long time no post

  1. I stayed in last time when the storm came and I have done this weekend. A good excuse for me to be a hermit.

    Enjoy your weekend and best wishes for the band getting second place.

      1. Enjoy relaxing where it’s warm.
        I have been watching a dvd before popping onto WordPress. Going to now make myself another mug of tea now before watching another two dvd’s.

  2. Lovely to hear from you again! It’s great you’ve had a good time with the band and have been able to meet back up with old friends in Bergen, even if you couldn’t quite see everyone you wanted to – that’s an excuse for a return visit in the near futur. A huuuuge congrats for coming second place, that’s amazing!
    Caz xxxx

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