Back in Bergen

Apparently not sure if this is Bergen or not

This week it was time for me to come back to Bergen. I was recently there for pleasure that I wrote about in the last post. But this time I was there with work. By chance I was staying in the same hotel that I did the last time a quite new hotel called Zander K, that is actually a converted parking garage. I have been very happy with both my stays there. Good room, good breakfast, central and quite reasonable.

A little lake in the centre of town with the tracks of the light rain in front

I had a flight that left early in the morning and then it was straight to the meetings I had for that day. After the work day I was kindly invited to a good friend and her family for dinner. We had a great time chatting and catching up before they dropped me back at the hotel so I could have an early night after having been up for quite a long time already. Bergen is known for having a lot of rain and the first day was very wet and windy.

A bit of the famous Bergen weather, rain, outside my hotel window

Today the weather was lovely, but I did not get a chance to enjoy as I had work from the morning and I am now soon at the airport to fly home again.

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