New sofa

The other half has politely and quietly been letting it known for some time now that it would make him very content if we could get a new sofa. I was quite happy with the one we had and did not really see the need. The old sofa was the first furniture I bought when I got my first apartment. It was deep pink and I liked it very much. It was not very expensive and I had to admit to myself after much denial that it had gotten a bit worn and saggy over the years. And that it might be nice to have a more comfortable sofa to spend the evenings on. But for it’s price it has been doing a very good service. And it does not look it’s age.

New sofa

We have been looking for a new one a while, but I have not found something I wanted to replace my old one with. But as the January sales was coming to an end we found one that we both could agree on. As we don’t have a car we ordered home delivery. The day before it arrived we dissembled the old one and a friend of ours that needed a sofa that would not be used as much as it was here, came to collect it. I was very happy she wanted to take it of our hands. It saved me from having to take pictures and make an entry on the web page where you can sell or give away thing you don’t need. Normally when you give things away there you get a lot of feedback so it saved me a bit of work when she wanted it.

The new one arrived on time and I was happy with the service as the two men that came with it put it exactly where we wanted it. The other half spent the evening assembling it and I have gotten more and more fond of it the time we’ve had it.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend.

27 thoughts on “New sofa

  1. Maya, the new sofa looks great and it’s big so you can have lots of guests over! πŸ˜€ It is tough to say goodbye to favourite pieces of furniture – just said farewell to our old bed, nervous about the new one but luckily very comfy! Have a good time relaxing in your new sofa!

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