Easter Monday

Corona and Komla (Norwegian potato balls)

Yesterday my mother invited to a traditional Norwegian dinner called Komla, a kind of potato balls served with mashed swede and salted lamb meat. After dinner we helped her with a few technological issues she was having and had a little Easter quiz. And then we headed home to watch an episode of Hinterland.

Middle of the new under sea tunnel

Today we had something we had to at our summer house, to make sure it was doing good. It is only one hour to drive and with the new tunnel in place we don’t need to get a ferry anymore. It was very windy today and there was a little bit of snow in the air, but the sun was out. So the places where you could find shelter from the wind it was actually not too cold.

Brought in some Easter candles

We got in and did the things we needed to do and then we enjoyed a lovely Easter lunch with fresh bread rolls, lovely ham, roast beef and eggs, before we headed back home again. My mother had also made sure we got some Easter chocolate and coffee today as well. A rest was needed when we arrived home as being out in the very fresh air had us a bit tired.

Very windy day

Tomorrow is a day when people will be going back to work or home offices as a lot of people are doing these days. But as I was supposed to be in Ireland if Corona had not made it’s entry, I have the week off as well. I don’t have too many plans, but there are plenty of things to be doing close to home where we are all spending most our time these days.

Hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

21 thoughts on “Easter Monday

  1. It is quite strange to know that Europe is lifting lockdown at this point of time (April 2020). It is a welcome decision though if it’s safe to do so.. πŸ™‚ Please do stay safe Madam.. πŸ™‚
    Now in the food section, the only item which was not traditional Norwegian is the Corona BEER.. πŸ˜› Which type of beer and brands are traditional to Norway?

    1. We have not lifted the lockdown yet, we are only allowed to make necessary trips and go for walks that are not too far away. We can’t stay over at the summer-house and can meet in groups under five. They will soften up restrictions from april 20th. In Norway we don’t have too many lage breweries. But most areas have their own local ones. So what is traditional depends on the area you are in.

      1. I see. April 20, 2020 is still a good date to lift restrictions. Noted your point about Norwegian breweries. I believe they also follow the same local brewery based culture as is followed in the rest of Europe.
        Thank you Madam for taking the time to explain.. ☺️

  2. LOVE that meal! Thanks for sharing it – unique to me, since I live here on the west coast of the US…hope you are staying safe and sane – some folks are going a bit stir crazy, but since you were able to get outside and see the beautiful nature all around you, it seems like you are handling it well!

    1. Thank you. It is one of my favourit traditional dishes. I would be going crazy if I was not not allowed to go outside, but I don’t have a big problem with the social distancing. How are you holding up?

      1. My wife is still producing her daily Talk Show, but from our house, with everything being done by Zoom! I do all of my meetings the same way, so lots of calls all day long – and lots and lots of cooking – you will see some tomorrow!

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