Easter Sunday

Yesterday was a really lazy day. The weather was not nice so I did not go for one of my good long walks. To be honest I could not tell you where the hours went if I tried to. As we have the opportunity we try to get take away form local restaurants two times a week, to keep them alive, we ordered a pizza for dinner.

Easter eggs

One of the photos I took when I was out walking on Friday, I posted on my Instagram as well. I tagged it with a tag from Norway’s national broadcaster and it got picked up and shoved on their live stream TV concept that they call always together. It was fun watching my photo and face on my screen, knowing that there where other people looking at it too.

My Instagram photo ended up being shown on national TV

Today has started much the same as yesterday, but today I have done some tidying and most importantly I have had a lovely chocolate egg with my coffee. Today we are getting a home cooked meal form my mother. She has set the table so that we have the required distance. And we will try to help her with a few things that she needs help with.

Hope you’re all getting some lovely chocolate today and that you get to be in touch with family. Either in person, where that is possible and advisable, or on the phone/video. Stay safe and healthy!

27 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. Happy Easter to you. We have everything we need for Easter except hugs. I think most of the world is in the same boat, so I am sending you a hug today. Stay well. Allan

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