Work week over

Out in the woods

This week I have been back to work at my home office and the weather decided to celebrate by being absolutely stunning. It has been sunny and warm and the wind has not been very strong. Now that the weekend has arrived it has gone colder.

Våland tower

Every day we have had our lunch outside in the garden and we have been enjoying the sun after working hours. I have also managed to go for a lovely walk every day this work week. One of them I walked to a tower close to our house that I have some photos from.

Våland tower

If times was normal I would have spent this weekend in London with three friends to enjoy the town and visit Harry Potter world. So even if restrictions are starting to soften up here I am feeling a bit extra cooped up this weekend. But I will try to make the most of it and I have some plans to treat myself.

The view

What are you doing to enjoy yourself a little extra these days?

29 thoughts on “Work week over

  1. Glad you have been having good weather too. I am spending plenty of time in my little garden – indeed I am still out there now, enjoying the remaining warmth of the sun.

  2. A beautiful town…my wife and I are working through this from home as you are, and doing some cooking as well – I mis-ordered corn and got mega-cans by mistake, so I have been cooking lots of corn dishes, and more this weekend!

      1. HA! Well, I had the mustard ice cream in that soup and it was actually really good, a nice pop of flavor in the creaminess of the butternut squash…that said, this dessert is actually from a legendary restaurant her in the US…we’ll see! Have a relaxed weekend!

  3. It is lovely to read you had a break and now back to work, and good to hear the weather has been good for you this week. Hopefully good weather for you next week. Here in Australia it’s been quiet since everything is still pretty much shut. This weekend we have good weather though. Nice and sunny Saturday 🙂

  4. Nice weather is so good for the soul! I’ve been taking walks (not quite as breath taking as yours) and reading in my yard out in the sun when I can. 🙂

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