Back to work

Iron age farm in the distance, and some of the sheep that live there, or living lawnmowers as they are called on the sign saying not to let them out.

Sunday was the last day of my holiday and the weather was stunning. I went for a short visit to my mother in her garden and then went for a walk. I walked past the Iron age farm close to where we live. The visitor center was obviously closed, but it is a nice place to walk by anyway.

Iron age farm visitors center

I spent a few hours in the garden both doing some weeding and chilling. My legs and back was quite sore afterwards. But there is still a lot of work that needs doing in my garden….

One of the reconstructed houses on the farm

Walking up for work Monday was a bit hard after a week and a half away from work, but I had a lot to do so the work day flew past. I had my lunch break outside and enjoyed some hot dogs in the sun. After work it was time for another walk. I have always enjoyed going for walks, but it’s always more pleasant when the sun is shining.

Sunny days you need a soda break in the sun.

Today it is just as lovely so after this post is out I will go for a walk before doing dinner and going to the shop to get the essentials.

Hope you are having a good start to your week.

18 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Sounds like a great start to the week…I think we are learn gin here in the US that being quarantined at home isn’t how we want to live our lives, and many people who thought “working from home” sounded great have changed their minds!

    1. I really enjoy working from home. If I had my way I would work from home and go in to work a day or two. I am working from home for two weeks now and then back to office for two weeks. It really has been a good start to the week. Hope the same goes for you.

  2. Its good that Norway has decided to partially lift the curfew. However, safe practices need to be followed anyhow.
    An encouraging news nevertheless. Have a great day Madam and stay safe.. 😊

  3. The pics of the farm capture the expansiveness of the area. The first shot depicting sun’s rays beaming down on the slope like a laser beam has great visual appeal. Nice place, Masga, to walk around.

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