Friday time!

Wonderful cocktails

Yesterday we were supposed to pick up our new used car. But there was a problem with the old license plates, so we could not take the car home. The dealership worked really hard and new licence plates are now on their way to us by post. And they lent us another car to use before we can have our one. So still no car, but we have means of transport should we need it.

More lovely cocktails

Here in Norway they are softening up the restrictions from the corona virus and that meant that more of the pubs were allowed to open if they can serve food and provide table service. There can only be 5 people per table and everyone needs to be able to keep at least one metre apart.

My other half and me went out for a lovely date night. We ate dinner at a lovely restaurant called Noodle Noodle before we ventured to our favorite cocktail bar Pjolter and Punsj. A lovely Korean Fried Chicken followed by a few wonderful tasty cocktails was a real treat. A lot of places was full, when I say this there was not that many people as a usual Friday afternoon, but people and the bars were very good at sticking to the new rules for social distancing.

Stout and Moscow mule

After we had been to the cocktail place we ended the night in a nice pub that we like to go to. It was wonderful being out and still feeling safe. It was so nice to see how happy the bartenders were to be back working even if they had a lot more to do with keeping things very clean. Cleaning the tables and chairs between every costumer and things like that. They where happy to see us and we them. All the places that are open has to close at 23.30, but we walked home around 21:30. It was still light out and a lovely evening

Lovely sky on the walk home from town

Today I am enjoying a lazy morning, I made a lovely omelette for breakfast and I am still walking around the house in my PJ’s. Oh the simple luxuries of life.

Hope you are all doing well and that you are having a good weekend.

31 thoughts on “Friday time!

    1. In Norway we have not been as badly hit. We closed down early and have been easing things back for a few weeks. As long as we keep our distance and take precautions we seem to keep doing ok.

  1. So exciting that you guys are at a stage where you can visit the pub! Here in Australia, we’re still a while off. Looking forward to finally being able to catch up with some friends over a beer πŸ˜€

      1. Yes I agree! I personally think it’s a bit too early, but hopefully everyone will be sensible about it πŸ™‚

  2. Good to hear that Norway, alongwith other countries, are opening up.
    Great post Madam.. 😊😊
    Hope you get your new car very soon.. 😊😊

      1. Well I am in India, and things are opening up partially in the “green” zones (zones which haven’t reported any Corona virus infection for the past 14 days).. There are talks of opening more services up like non-essential e-commerce or heavy industries.. Will know for sure within a week from now..

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