Road trip 14: Voss

When we left Tyssedal in the morning, the weather was a bit overcast, so e got in the car again and drove some more around Hardanger, and crossed the fjord using a bridge I had not used before, that took us into a relatively new tunnel that took us towards Bergen.

On our way there we stopped for lunch in a place called Voss. Keeping up with our theme of visiting winter sport destinations in summer. This time around we were not unlucky to meet a closed gondola so we decided that is would be lovely to get lunch on the top of a mountain.

So after having walked around the cosy city center, we got our tickets for the gondola and let it take us to the top. It was a really enjoyable trip and it provided a wonderful view on the way up.

On the top the view was not bad either, we got a great look around the mountains where people go downhill skiing in winter. There was a really nice restaurant to get lunch in and by now the weather had cleared and it was sunny and warm, so we decided to eat our food outside with an amazing view and warm sunshine on our faces.

Our plan was to get a relatively small lunch, but the sausage made from local sheep turned out to be quite the meal. It was really tasty and as I was going to continue driving I paired it with some local apple juice.

After the meal we went for a little walk around the plateau on the top called the panorama walk, it was not a long walk but it was a great way to move around in lovely surroundings. We even met a few sheep that was also out walking in the mountains.

Then it was time to get the gondola back down to the car. We sped up a little at the end of our walk to make sure that the relatively large group of pensioners did not start queuing before us as one could not be too many people in each gondola with the Covid restrictions. And as we still had a bit of a drive to do before getting to our final destination for the day we felt very lucky not having to wait. There were not really that many people and the wait would have been a short one, but in these times everything feels like a crowd.

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