Weekend again

The weeks go by so fast these days, and this week has really brought the realization that autumn is really here to stay. It has been a quite busy week at work and we went from summer time to winter time, that means my days are a bit longer at work. On Wednesday we had a concert with another band. We were two bands playing. With Covid regulations we did not have any other people in to listen, but the concert was streamed for the people at home. We played first and when it was the other band’s turn, we took our chairs with us and went to sit a meter apart as the audience and they took their chairs with them and set up in band formation.

As a start to the weekend my other half came to meet me in town after work and we went to do a little bit of shopping before we had some lovely sushi and walked home to spend the evening on the couch watching some Community on Netflix. After sleeping for 12 hours Saturday started slowly and continued with the same pace. I went for a few little walks, spent quite a bit of time on WordPress enjoying the lovely blogging community. After having made dinner I watched a bit of TV, but then my internet decided to take a break. Luckily the internet company has a 24h chat and it only took about 30 minutes before they had sorted the issues. I hope it does not happen again soon.

Sunday I woke up a little earlier and started my day slowly again. But the weather is now quite nice, so my plan for the day is to go for a walk, maybe with an inserted coffee break. Then we have plans to visit my mother for dinner and then maybe go for a visit to my grandfather.

What are you doing with your weekend?

17 thoughts on “Weekend again

  1. Went to a museum yesterday. Lovely. Today I think we’re going to an outdoor exhibit of dog sculptures made from recycled plastic bags. The dogs are supposed to be big….

      1. The metropolitan museum of art in nyc. They’re celebrating 150 years, and they had a special exhibit highlighting some works they’ve collected. Well curated. I’m going to post pictures in a bit when I’m not feeling quite so lazy….right now I’m enjoying laying on my couch and relaxing…

  2. Sounds a nice weekend.

    Yesterday was walking for me. Hanging with neighbour after over chats and tea.
    I baked some biscuits later and shared some with neighbour.

    This morning I lay in. So slow start. But I don’t care.
    I have some washing doing its thing in washer and I plan to bake some more biscuits again. Sharing some with neighbour. I don’t know after that. Just going with the flow. 🙂

  3. We Skyped with relatives in Ireland and did a bit of house/yard work. It is smoky here right now, due to the forest fires 1,200 km away in Oregon. Hope that clears out today, so we can get a walk/bike ride in. Stay well. Allan

  4. Sleeping in is what weekend are all about, since that’s not possible during the week! It’s a celebratory weekend here, as my wife’s TV show begins its second season on Monday, so we are toasting the occasion! Have a nice rest of your weekend!

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