Road trip 17: Beffen

After having visited the Aquarium and had a little bit of lunch, we took a small passenger ferry called Beffen. It is a hop on hop off concept, but we just wanted to take the whole ride around and enjoy a bit of the fresh sea air and enjoy the sunny weather.

Beffen is an old little passenger ferry that runs from Bryggen in the center of town to the Aquarium to the Norwegian museum for fishery and coastal center out to the Old Bergen Museum. It was a very charming ride and there were plenty of space in the boat so we did not have to worry about social distancing.

The whole round trip took 1 hour and 35 minutes and it was really nice to see Bergen harbor and some of the sights by sea. This was something I had never gotten around to doing in all my years living in Bergen. I had seen Bergen from sea only once before, but that time I did not get to see the harbor well. That was when I got the boat that used to go Bergen-Stavanger-Newcastle. It was a convenient way to get to the UK and I enjoyed travelling by sea.

Most residents of Bergen could tell you a few tales about why Beffen has become the cultural treasure that it is. Time and time again the little boat has been tried to be removed or sold, but every time the support for keeping the boat, or actually three boats, is so great that the question of selling or removing is not brought up again in a hurry.

In 2019, all the three boat were put up for sale, so in order to keep the traditional Beffen boats in Bergen the Bergen Coastal Culture Center received good support from Bergen municipality and the local business to by them.


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