Busy Friday

Today started with me realizing half way to work that I had left my computer at home. So I had to turn around and walk back to get it. It was quite busy at work and straight after we met up with my mother and my brother and girlfriend. My brother was visiting for the first time in a while from the other side of the country where he lives. It was really nice seing him as I have not seen him since May.

We enjoyed some Taco and sat chatting the whole evening. And had a really good time. So even if I only now got home, it has been a busy, but mostly nice Friday.

How have you been starting you weekend?

24 thoughts on “Busy Friday

  1. We started it off with some shopping and then time outside on the deck visiting with my wife’s sister. Good coffee, good sunshine and good conversation. Enjoy your weekend. Allan

  2. It is great to see family! We are working on starting a project to build a hiking trail. Nothing as pretty as the places you’ve been. Just tallgrass prairie and low hills.

  3. A lazy weekend planned for me. Sleeping allowed when ever. I started with what felt like a possible cold coming on Monday, which came out from Tuesday. I have been nodding in parts since Wednesday.
    A lazy weekend was planned, even if I did not have a cold. Just got to pick up my new spectacles today. Thats it and will watch a dvd after.

  4. It’s nice to spend time with family and especially when you don’t get to see them often. My weekend is full of chores that my daughter will help me with to get ready for my sister coming for a night or two. Hopefully some time to finish sewing projects. This covid thing is putting a real crimp in our plans. We used to go out for lunch on Saturdays but now everything has to be take out. Not so much fun.

      1. My sister has to get so many covid tests. Each time they do another test for her lung transplant process, they give her another covid test so she is extra careful about exposure. I’m extra careful too so I don’t get it or transmit it. It does take the fun out of things.

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