February comming to an end

I almost can’t believe that we have arrived at the last weekend of February, it feels like the month has just started. People keep telling me that it will just go faster and faster as I get older, I hope that is not entirely true, because if the months are going to go as fast as this one, I will have a lot of trouble trying to keep up. March is knocking at the door fast and I will soon have to go into full redecorating mode as it is not long until we get the new house. Next week we have our second showing for our old apartment and I hope someone will show up and fall in love with the place and buy it of us. We are not in a major rush, but it will be one less thing to think about. And I do feel like I have enough.

Walked past this on my way home from the library

This week has been a very lazy one and I have hardly done anything apart from going to work and reading a few books. I did buy a gift card for some coffees at a cozy cafe not to far from where we live. They have a lovely concept and very tasty food, but they opened at the start of last year and most of their plans (as for most) has gone down the covid drain. As the support the government give to business are mostly based on their earnings in 2019, they fall a bit outside of this, having opened too late. So, when they asked for support by buying pre-paid coffee, I grabbed the opportunity as I do want them to make it. They kindly included some of their home-made cookies that I will enjoy this weekend. I probably should share them with the other half too. When I go down to use the gift card I will be sure to buy one of their amazing carrot muffins too. Oooo now I am hungry…

This weekend it is time for another tidy and wash of the house, we are not that messy and dirty as it may come across in my recent posts, but it is what is required when trying to sell the place you live, as all of you that has attempted the same will know. But weekends are not just for work, so we will take the opportunity to go on a socially distanced visit to a friend who has the right tv channel to watch the rugby, it won’t be the same as going to the pub with everyone else, but it is a good substitute when the pubs can’t be open and we can’t be together with too many people. But there is still rugby and beer.

And yes, I do know that I have now used the same photo in two posts in a row, but I thought it fit well with the other one that I took yesterday, so I wanted to include it in this post as well. I do hope that your weekend will not make you feel like doing the same as this girl. If it does I think it helps to let it out, not keep it in.

Have you got anything planned for the weekend ahead? Are you ready for a new month?

31 thoughts on “February comming to an end

  1. You can feel the first hints of spring, as February slowly releases its cold grip. Our last warm day here yesterday for a couple of days. Up to 7C, this morning dawned at -16. Spring on the installment plan. The weekend will hopefully be filled with virtual communication with family and friends. Enjoy the weekend. Allan

      1. Lost Christmas and Avatar.

        I have seen Avatar before and used to have my own copy, but I have received one from a friend who didn’t know if I seen it or not. Said I had, but would watch again, keeping this one this time.

  2. Good luck with selling your apartment. We are not moving, but I’ve gone into spring cleaning mode. I did a deep clean of my office this week which felt fantastic. I can think better without all that dust and clutter!

  3. I want to put my place up for sale and covid will definitely hinder that. I know what you are going through trying to keep it show stopping perfect for any viewers. If any places sell, yours should. It’s beautiful. Mine needs work. 😦 Weekend plans are almost the same as yours. Lots of sorting and cleaning. No rugby or beer here. I’ll do some embroidery while I watch something on Netflix with my daughter. Have fun.

    1. Do you know where you want to move should you sell Marlene? Sorting and cleaning may be boring, but it leaves a good feeling when you are done. Glad you were able to come home after your involuntary hotel stay

      1. My daughter and I will take a small apartment and travel a bit. It will be easier to go for long stretches if we have no outside maintenance. I’ve done the moving thing 35 times in my life. I’m an old hand at purging and packing.

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