Weekend ending

As you could read in my last post this weekend was off to a very good start. After the lovely breakfast we went for a lovely sunny walk around the little lake close by. And I did a little bit of un-packing before I alternated between siting outdoors in the sun and watching the Leeds – Tottenham game that did not end well for us Spurs fans.

The day was lovely and as the restaurants were just allowed to serve alcohol with food after a period of being closed, we decided to take a stroll in to town to enjoy some nice food and drink. There was a lot of people out, sitting on tables a few meters apart enjoying the lovely weather an a cold drink and some food.

One of the restaurants I enjoy here in my town called Harry Pepper is where we decided to go for our meal. I had a lovely chilli con carne, a few beers and I ended the meal with a Mexican mule and a lovely cheesecake. And then we strolled home early evening and I fell asleep quite early after a very good day.

Sunday morning I woke up a little early and had a very slow morning drinking coffee and making the pancakes that I got batter for in the food box on Saturday and we had lovely pancakes and the rest of the orange juice for breakfast. Then I managed to get a good walk in before the rain set in. And then I did a little bit of tidying. As I mentioned in a previous post this week I am taking things slow to avoid getting stressed. But getting in little bits and pieces of work is not stressing and it helps with the feeling of moving forward.

My mother invited us for Sunday dinner so we went up to her house to enjoy a very lovely dinner and some good company. After that I went over to my grandfather, who just got sent home from some time in a nursing home. He was very happy to get visitors as he had gotten used to having people around. But he was doing well.

As you can read my weekend has been very lovely. How has your weekend treated you?

23 thoughts on “Weekend ending

  1. Sounds lovely.

    I just spent time with my support bubble yesterday afternoon through to evening. My day was a struggle though, as I woke up to further fatigue.
    So today was a mainy lazy of nothing, than dvd’s and just looking into something as part of me being deputy for mum’s finances.

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