Rounding up the week

Today I am taking a break from sharing my vacation with you and posting a round up of the first week back from holiday.

Monday the weather was ok. But not as nice as it has been lately. I had a few errands in town and then it was back home to unpack a bit and just chill in front of the TV and go for a walk and to do some shopping. Tuesday the weather was not great, so I went up to help put the bins out at my mother’s house as she is away on holiday.

Wednesday we decided to go to the beach after work. The day was sunny but there was so much wind that it was too cold to go for a swim, so we just waded a bit in the water. Afterwards we went for a pizza. Then I went to IKEA to shop for a few items we found out was missing and then I went shopping for a few other needed items.

Thursday, I dropped by one of my cousin’s house because they were back from vacation and her daughter had a happiness booth, so I brought some ice cream and went to visit. I enjoyed the bit of sunshine in the garden with a good glass of Magners before it went down (both the sun and the Magners).

Friday was a lovely day, so after work I stayed in town and enjoyed a few beers while waiting for my other half to join me. We had some food in and outdoors restaurant and then went in to have some cocktails at our favorite cocktail place. After a while we had a night cap with some friends that was back from a boat trip.

Saturday started a bit slow. The weather was lovely so we went for a stroll and then to the shop before we relaxed in the back garden. I did manage to watch some of the Olympics in between. We had some take away food and just had a quiet night in.

Today I woke up and put on the handball game between Norway and South-Korea, had some breakfast and the plan is to meet up with a friend to go for a walk. We still have warm sunny weather so I will probably spend most of the day outside.

Hope your weekend is lovely!

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