This weekend has been as good as I hoped at the start. Friday evening I made a lovely pizza opened a bottle of wine and watched the Netflix movie, “don’t look up”. It was a really good movie to watch after a work week. It was entertaining and easy, but still had some good actors. After that I watched some more TV before getting to bed early.

Saturday I was up quite early and had a long lovely breakfast. Got around to some household work that was well over due. And then I went out to buy myself some plants for my downstairs living room, I took the time to find a few other needed items and then I went to a cafe and had a nice salad for lunch. Going home I continued to to little things around the house, but mostly I was just relaxing, listening to podcasts and drinking coffee. As the day turned in to evening I made some tacos for dinner and enjoyed the rest of the wine bottle.

Sunday started with a little sleep in. And then it was time for one of the luxuries of the weekend, with another long breakfast. I took down what was left of the Christmas decorations (I looked out after writing this post and it seems I have forgotten the wreath on the front door) and washed some clothes. Then I took advantage of the fact that the rain or snow that was forecast for the day never showed up and went for a walk. At the end of the walk we stopped to get a coffee and a waffle in the art museum. Dinner today will probably be something very simple as I intend on spending most of what is left of the day on the sofa, enjoying some blog posts.

Hope your weekend has lived up to your expectations.

34 thoughts on “Weekending

    1. I don’t really have just one recipe, but the one I used now was:
      375 g pizzaflour
      2 1/2 dl water
      15 g yeast
      1/2 ts Seasalt
      1 pinch Sugar
      1 ss olive oil

      And then topping of your choice. I like to mix it up

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