Christmas is over


Table ready for Christmas party

Christmas is over for this year. For me Christmas of 2015 has been celeberated with my family. We spent Christmas eve with my Dad’s side of the family at my uncle’ s house. I had obviously been nice this year because I got a lot of nice gifts. Including a new nespresso machine from my better half! It was a lovely evening with great food, good conversations and lovely people.


Christmas napkins

The next day we spent with my Mother ‘ s side of the family at my parents’ house as every good Christmas party there was once again great food and great people!

The only downside this year is that I picked up a nasty cold and has spent all this Christmas with a head threatning to explode a fever and all that fun stuff. So all the time I wasn’t trying to stay awake at the Christmas parties I spent in bed or on the couch at my parents house.

Hope that all of you has had a very enjoyable Christmas!


Last weekend before Chrstmas

This weekend has been a great pre-Christmas weekend. Was really tired on friday so I fell asleep early and woke well rested on saturday. I started the day by tidying and cleaning my apartment before a good friend, her husband and little daughter came to visit. As she lived in Bergen it was a long time since last saw them and we had a nice time eating the things I baked for Christmas and catching up on everything.

Afterwards I went to my parents place for dinner and I spent the evening there watching a Christmas concert on TV and one of the films I always watch before Christmas, Love Actually. I was a bit shocked when i remembered that this film i now 10 years old. But it’s still one of  the newest of the films I see every year. Love_Actually_movie

Today I’ve been helping my father buying some presents and some more gift wrapping paper and coffee for me.  As it was raining a lot today I feared the paper bags they have a the Nespresso shop would be damaged before I got home. From an environmental point of view the paper bags are much better than the plastic ones, but when you live in a city where it’s often raining it’s not always the best option if you want to be able to bring what you bought home. But a Nespresso they gave me a rain cover for my bag 🙂

Rain cover for paper bags

Rain cover for paper bags

The rest of the weekend will be used to watch more films and wrap the last gifts for Christmas, listening to Christmas music and other nice stuff.

Traditions part 2

Yesterday me and my brother went Christmas shopping. This is something we do together every year. When we were younger it was to pull our recourses so that we could get the people we bought presents for a better gift than we could afford by ourselves. Now we do it mostly because it is a tradition and because we can decide together  what to get people and also we can still buy better gifts when we join forces. This year my brother picked me up at work and we drove to the mall. As suspected we were not the only ones. We got the gifts we had decided to buy in advance and that were available in the mall but we moved the traditional dinner or coffee we get after shopping to my apartment. Afterwards I went to get the gifts I’m buying alone, that I still had not bought. So now I’m all done shopping for Christmas 🙂

My giftwrapping paper of choice this year.

My giftwrapping paper of choice this year.

Today the whole family gathered at my parents place to eat and make marzipan. We used to do this at my grandmother’s place when I was little and we’d combine it with helping her clean her house for Christmas. Now we do this at my parents place because they have the most room. We always remember the loved ones that are no longer with us a little extra this time of year and what better way of remembering them than to honor the traditions they valued the most. The batch of marzipan this year was very good. The almonds were nicely peeled and dried and the family recipe worked like a charm this year as well.

And for those of you who where wondering if my granddad liked his surprise, I can say that he absoulutely adored it!

Surprising my Granddad

Today I’ve been helping out with our christmas gift to my granddad. As he is on holiday we decided to clean his apartment and help him redecorate his bathroom. As he is ow 80 years old it is much more practical for him to have a shower than having him climb into the bathtub everyday. He’s been saying he want to change it, but he’s never gotten round to it. So his children and some of his grandkids decided it was a nice gift for a man who never has a single wish for Christmas. I hope he will enjoy it when he comes home.