Goals for 2018

First day of the new year and I must say that it has started quite well. I started the year by going to bed content with a very relaxed and enjoyable night. This morning I slept in a bit as I had decided to start the year on a slow note. I got to devote quite some time to read some blog posts. I must say that I am glad that my goals this year does not include to spend less time just relaxing with a cup of coffee and discovering new posts and bloggers.

I write this post knowing very well that everything is always changing and that what I have decided my goals are for the year at this stage might change. But I will still post this for two very selfish reasons. Firstly I think it might be easier to work against them if I’m not the only one to know about them. And secondly I want to have them up here so I can review them when I want during the year and at the end of the year to see how the year turned out compared to what I wanted it to be.

My goals:

1. I want to sell my apartment and by a new one

I started this process at the end of last year and I really want something to happen on this front hopefully soon. I am not a very patient person when it comes to things like this and I find the whole process quite stressful. I have already found a place I want to buy, but I need to sell before I can buy. The new place will not be on the marked forever so I really hope something will happen soon.

2. I want to move more and eat a bit healthier.

I know that this is a very common goal for a new year, but this year for me I can feel that it is very necessary. As I spent most of the end of last year being sick my body has been trying to tell me that, as soon as I feel better I should resume my walking and eat less junk and more vegetables. I don’t have a goal to loose x kilos or to stop eating everything nice, but a small change is really needed.

3. I want to learn not to bring stress from work home.

I don’t really have a very good plan for this, but I have been researching some methods for this that seems to work for others. I love my job and I get to do a lot of things I want to do and I always get the opportunity to develop. But there are no signs that 2018 will be any less busy than the previous year, so I need to work on my work life balance in the new year.

4. I want to be better at reaching out to friends and family.

I am not the best person to contact my friends and ask them to get up to something. I find that I am more often the one being asked than the one to ask. That is not because I don’t want to hang out with them. But this year I hope to start turning that around. This will also mean that I hope that I will be better at socializing in the new year.

3. Post more 

I want to put up more posts on my blog this year than I did last year. I will not make a goal to post every day, because I don’t have that much to blog about and because I know that I would fail on this very fast. This for me is more about setting goals that I can actually reach. I really enjoy being in the blogging world and when I post it makes me feel good. And we should always strive to do more things that makes us happy.

4. Do one nice things for others at least once a week.

This will include random acts of kindness towards strangers and doing nice things for friends and family. I’m not going to limit it to once a week, I always try to help others, but I will use this goal as a reminder that doing something good for others is also good for yourself. I think doing nice things for others could make you a happier person.

So what about you, what are your goals for the next year?




New Beginning

I have been living on cloud nine since I found out I got the new job! Not just because now having a full time job will be much better for my economy, but also because I got a job I wanted. One that seem interesting and will allow me to learn new things and to develop and grow. Having changed jobs quite a lot over the last years I know that it won’t be all rosy. There are always things about your job that you will enjoy more and things that you will care less for than other things. And when starting a new job there are so many new impressions and new things to learn that you’ll be quite tired when you get home. But if this job is half as good as I have reason to believe it will be I will very much thrive at the new place. The fact that my new workplace is located two minutes from my house, on foot, will provide me with more time in the everyday than I have now, when I spend around 1,5 hours commuting to work and home again, depending on the queues.

Enjoying a nice sandwich, a lovely juice and a good book!

Enjoying a nice sandwich, a lovely juice and a good book!

Knowing that I will soon have a full time job has also made me appreciate the days during the week I don’t go to work. I don’t have to constantly check to see if there are any available jobs to apply to and write my applications. There is no more waiting for an answer back after I sent anything in. So now I’m just enjoying my time off. To congratulate me with my new job, my mum took me out to a nice lunch and treated me to a lovely pair of new shoes to wear around the office (and everywhere else I might want to wear them). We had a very nice time, eating, shopping and talking. Today I woke up and found out that the bread I intended on eating for breakfast had gone beyond stale, but instead of it getting me down I saw it as a sign I should ¬†get a nice sandwich and a tasty freshly made juice on my way to the store to get some new bread.

Life is smiling at the moment and I hope this feeling will last for quite some time! Hope life is treating you all very well!