#tbt Kaffekanna (The coffee pot)

One of the posts I found in my drafts was this post about a nice cafe and wine bar. It is quite fitting that I started this post and never published it, because this is one of those places that I really wanted to go visit when they first opened, but it took me quite some time before I actually went.

Nice Blueberry pancakes

I first read about Kaffekanna, in the local newspapers. When times got a bit bad in the oil business and quite a few people in the town I live in lost their jobs in that industry, there were quite a few businesses that started up. Kaffekanna was one of those, it was started by a father and daughter. They are a cafe by day and serves good coffee and light meals, and by night time they serve more wine and arranges quizzes and the likes.

The front of their counter/bar is covered in bottles

The cafe is located outside the center of the city, in the eastern part of Stavanger. This is an area that has had a great development in the last years and I find it a very enjoyable part of town. They have events there like The edible town party and it’s where the Food Hall In Stavanger was opened. The last one was closed but has now become the home of a place called Fermenten instead.

When they made the floor they put in quite a few coffee cups

I enjoyed the coffee, pancakes and the atmosphere at Kaffekanna, but sadly I have not been to good at going back. When I found this draft when I started tidying and we went back there with some friends. They are still going strong and we had a good time.


The edible town party

At the same time as the Glad Mat festival that I wrote about, there is another festival called the edible town party going on around 1,5 kilometer away. This is a good festival with a few food trucks and a few resturant seeing food outside. The focus here is to eat nice food and relax.

I visited the festival with a blanket to sit on and a book. There is more room here as there is a large area to sit and enjoy. This is a bit more family friendly and you can even bring your own food should you want. I didn’t join in the free yoga lessons and I was too old to get my face painted, but lying down in the grass, by the sea with a good book and good beer is quite a good way to spend an afternoon.

This festival is in an up and comming part og town where they have built a lot of new small parks in between old renovated industry buildings and luckily for me it’s not to far from where I live.

The weather has continued to impress this weekend and today I took the opportunity to go to the beach and have a swim.

New Food Hall In Stavanger

Entrance to the food hall

Entrance to the food hall

Today I set out to visit the new food hall that opened close to where I live. The food hall is just one of the things that is opened in this area lately. This is in a part of Stavanger called Stavanger East. It’s close to the centre of town and has very long been getting in more and into disrepair. But the last few years a lot has been done to reinvigorate this lovely part of town.

The outdoor area

The outdoor area

The food hall was packed with people, as you might expect with it just having it’s long awaited opening. And there sure are a lot of good local food and products in there.

"ugly vegetables also have feelings!"

“ugly vegetables also have feelings!”

Among those who have a stand at the food hall is a company who sell local vegetables, especially the ones that looks a bit odd and does not get sold by the shops. Their tagline reads ” because ugly vegetables also have feelings!”

Selling jams from a small replica of a small Norwegian cottage

Selling jams from a small replica of a small Norwegian cottage

There is also a woman selling her locally produced jam and her stand is a replica of a little cottage “støl” that was quite common in the Norwegian mountains. With a lot of very stereotypical Norwegian  decor.

Brewing equipment

Brewing equipment

There is also a stand selling everything you need to brew your own beer. Craft beers and home brewing is very popular at the moment and here you can buy everything you need to brew your own beer and get good advice for how to do it.

There was a lot of other nice stands in there, but as it was a bit crowded I decided to come back in a few days to have a proper look around.

Hope the weekend is treating you all very good!