New Food Hall In Stavanger

Entrance to the food hall
Entrance to the food hall

Today I set out to visit the new food hall that opened close to where I live. The food hall is just one of the things that is opened in this area lately. This is in a part of Stavanger called Stavanger East. It’s close to the centre of town and has very long been getting in more and into disrepair. But the last few years a lot has been done to reinvigorate this lovely part of town.

The outdoor area
The outdoor area

The food hall was packed with people, as you might expect with it just having it’s long awaited opening. And there sure are a lot of good local food and products in there.

"ugly vegetables also have feelings!"
“ugly vegetables also have feelings!”

Among those who have a stand at the food hall is a company who sell local vegetables, especially the ones that looks a bit odd and does not get sold by the shops. Their tagline reads ” because ugly vegetables also have feelings!”

Selling jams from a small replica of a small Norwegian cottage
Selling jams from a small replica of a small Norwegian cottage

There is also a woman selling her locally produced jam and her stand is a replica of a little cottage “støl” that was quite common in the Norwegian mountains. With a lot of very stereotypical Norwegian  decor.

Brewing equipment
Brewing equipment

There is also a stand selling everything you need to brew your own beer. Craft beers and home brewing is very popular at the moment and here you can buy everything you need to brew your own beer and get good advice for how to do it.

There was a lot of other nice stands in there, but as it was a bit crowded I decided to come back in a few days to have a proper look around.

Hope the weekend is treating you all very good!

42 thoughts on “New Food Hall In Stavanger

    1. Me too! I didn’t get to try much today as it was so crowded, but I did sample a nice ice cream. Next time around I will at least be sure to try some more of the nice products.

      1. Hehe, no problem! My name is Maja Asgautsen, so masgautsen is just a mix of the two. I use it in my email address and as a username all over internett.

      1. I’m going to visit when i get the chance. the cool bit is that it opened in the workers break room in an old factory that used to make beer ages ago.

  1. I assume maybe wrongly that the food there is cheaper than at the big shops? Once the vegetables are chopped up, they all look the same. Local products are fresher. It is good to buy there and support your neighbors businesses. I also looked up “masgautsen” in the dictionary thinking it meant “seagull” or something else!!! What a laugh!!!

    1. The ugly vegetables are a bit cheaper than in the shops and the’re not getting thrown away.
      I’m sorry, but the thought of you looking masgautsen in the dictionary made me smile.
      Hope the weekend is treating you well!

  2. I was trying to understand the concept of a food hall. It sounds a bit like our farmers markets since it doesn’t sound like a restaurant . Loved the photos and the ugly veggies . With veggies , it’s not the looks but the taste that matters. All veggies have feelings . 😆

    1. It’s probably like a farmers marked, but there is a restaurant/cafe in the hall as well. I do agree it’s the taste that counts with the veggies and I think the ugly ones are quite cool ☺

  3. How wonderful to revive a historic area. Here we call such a place a Farmer’s Market oR Flea Market. I love thes places. Great for getting really fresh and mostly organic vegiies.

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