Winter Break

This week there is a winter break in my part of Norway. This means that a lot of the people I work with, mostly those that has children in school,  are away on vacation or are at home taking care of their children as they don’t have school this week. Many Norwegians have a cabin in the mountains, know someone who will take them or work somewhere where they can borrow a cabin for a week or parts of it. If you don’t have access to a cabin you can always visit one of the many cabins of the Norwegian tourist association (turistforeningen). This week the weather is not too good, but if it had been it would mean a lot of people in the skiing resorts. And if you can pick any week to go skiing you would not pick the one where you had to use half the day queuing when you could have the slopes all to your self two weeks prior. Many Norwegians have a special relationship with their cabin as you can see in this genius video by Ylvis:

The Cabin

As the prices go up on all travels when school is out. You don’t want to go somewhere else this week if you can d it another week either. In my office this means that most of the people who has children in school age are away on holiday this week, or at least part of it. And those of us that does not are in the office. It’s not very busy for me this week, luckily I planed to do a few things this week that I normally don’t get the time to. I must say that winter break seem like the wrong thing to call it here. Everyone is talking about how spring is coming soon the temperatures are quite high for this region and there is wind and rain. In the mornings it’s getting much brighter and yesterday you could probably get a small dose of vitamin D from being outside in the sun. In the mountains nearby there is still a lot of snow, but this week there is a lot of wind and bad weather, but hey if you are a true viking you would have learned by now that “there is no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate cloths” (a loosely translated norwegian phrase, that only works in Norwegian. Because in our language it rhymes).

Due to the winter break I have no band practice this week so I’m enjoying a nice quiet evening on my couch drinking tea. Looking outside the window I would say it was the only season we seem to get here in Stavanger which is fall. Spring, summer and winter only drops by on rare occasions.

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