First day of spring!

View from the roof of my building :)

View from the roof of my building🙂

Today, 1st of March, was the first day of spring🙂 And if the first day of spring is any indication  for the weather the rest of spring I’m very satisfied. It truly was a great sunny day. I’ve spent most of it outside just enjoying the sun, soaking up the light and vitamin D’s it brings with it. Extremely good end of the winter break, great start of spring and hopefully it will last at least untill tomorrow.

On a completely different note, something very strange happened the other day. I looked out the window and there was a group of people outside staring at my building while a woman was talking, presumably about local history. If this continues I’ll probably have my blinds down a lot more. I know they were not there to look at me, but I felt like I was on display.

Group of tourists outside my building. Bad picture taken with my Ipad.

Group of tourists outside my building. Bad picture taken with my Ipad.

Now I’ll relax for a bit before I get ready for dinner and wine at one of my friends’ house. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get to enjoy the sun again and I’ll have to make some buns for the Norwegian “fastelaven” to take to sunday dinner at my parents house.

7 thoughts on “First day of spring!

  1. Nice post. What is the fastelaven?

    • masgautsen says:

      Thank you.

      “Fastelavn is the name for Carnival in Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe islands which is either the Sunday or Monday before Ash Wednesday.

      Fastelavn evolved from the Roman Catholic tradition of in the days before Lent, but after Denmark became a Protestant nation, the holiday became less specifically religious. This holiday occurs seven weeks before Easter Sunday and is sometimes described as a Nordic Halloween, with children dressing up in costumes and gathering treats for the Fastelavn feast. The holiday is generally considered to be a time for children’s fun and family games.”

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