Holiday to Ireland part 2: Tuam

When I was in Ireland I stayed a little while in the little town of Tuam. This town is known for it’s two cathedrals, a catholic one and a protestant one. I found Tuam to be a wonderful and cute little town and it’s people was very friendly. Tuam has been in the news lately after they found the bodies of many babies outside the “mother and child home”.

Streets of Tuam
Streets of Tuam
Town house
Town house

We went to see the old ruins of St. Jarlath’s, the patron saint of Tuam, temple and the old graveyard.

Ruins of the temle Jarlath
Temple and graveyard

We also went to se the protestant church, St. Mary. As it was a Sunday and mass was just over we were allowed to go in and have a look at this beautiful cathedral.

St Mary’s protestant church



5 thoughts on “Holiday to Ireland part 2: Tuam

    1. I don’t think it’s something they want to be known for, but it’s been all over the news over there ( and it has been on the news in Norway as well) for quite some time now.

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