Holiday to Ireland part 1: Galway

Went for a holiday to Ireland and just got back. The trip was amazing 🙂 I met a lot of friendly people, had tons of fun, shopped a little and got to se some beautiful places One of the places I went to was Galway. First day the weather was overcast and there was a bit of rain, but being Norwegian I did not mind. Went for a lovely boat trip with the Corrib Princess.

View from the Corrib Princess

View from the Corrib Princess

The next day the weather was much better andGalway was showing us her best side.

Streets of Galway

Streets of Galway

Latin quarter

Latin quarter


Spanish Arch

Houses of Galway

Houses of Galway


Coast of Galway

We also went to enjoy the sunshine at a beautiful beach right outside of Galway city centre, Silver Strand.


Silver Strand

Galway is a city with a lot of students and is also famous for it’s nightlife. And I must say it did not disapoint!




8 thoughts on “Holiday to Ireland part 1: Galway

  1. Wow! How great. I’d love to visit. How was the weather?

  2. Sounds like you had a good time, Maja. I loved Galway when I visited. How fast does the water flow in that river!

  3. dweezer19 says:

    It sounds like you had a great time, especially at night. 😉 Thanks for the wonderful photos.

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