Relaxing holiday

After I came home from my trip to Ireland I went to relax at my family’s summer house. As I have mentioned before this place is a place I can come to relax and no matter how stressed I am I always know I can come here to find some peace of mind. This time the weather was amazing. It was way to warm to stay at the terrace most days, so we had to take the boat out and go out to sea to find a small breeze.

Nice view at boat trip
Nice view at boat trip

Sitting in a boat with a lovely view, bringing nice food and drinks, stopping at nice secluded spots to have a bath and stopping at nice little places for ice cream is really not the worst way to spend your day.


In the evenings we went fishing and I sat out enjoying my books and the lovely view from our terrace.

Out fishing
Out fishing
A lovely sunset
A lovely sunset

My last day there was the only one that was a bit overcast. But it was still nice and warm. We had visitors and spent the day at the local beach searching for crabs and small fishes. I was sad to leave, but luckily the good weather continued when I came home and is supposed to continue for quite som time still.

Overcast but warm, last day.


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