Monday Protests

Lovely weather this weekend
Lovely weather this weekend

I walked past a protest in town today, the very Norwegian thing about this protest was that it had been announced well in advanced and there was a protest protesting the protesters organized. The thing about this protest was that there very few people who had joined the original protest, they where protesting against letting muslims in to Norway. The people protesting the protesters drew a lot more people, the original protesters was even outnumbered by the police by at least two to one. The last due to heightened security because of the terrorist attack in Denmark. I find the protesting group a bit hypocritical when they say that the muslims are the largest terrorist threat here in Norway. I’m not an expert, so extremist Islamist might be the largest threat, but much of their philosophy seem to me to be close to the thoughts of the man behind the worst terrorist attacks in Norway in modern times, Anders Behring Breivik.

The hare and the fox
The hare and the fox

This weekend was great, the weather was amazing and there was a lot of fun stuff happening. I got to enjoy the sunshine by going for a few walks, the photos above are taken on one of them. The birthday party was fun and lasted ’till the wee small hours.


Buns for fastlavn
Buns for fastlavn

Sunday I got up to bake buns for fastelavn and I made home-made “kjøttkaker” translating to meat cakes. I wanted to make som traditional Norwegian food as a proper Sunday dinner for my parents and my brother.

Meat cakes in progress
Meat cakes in progress

19 thoughts on “Monday Protests

  1. Years and years ago, when I lived in Santa Barbara, California, I visited a little bakery that sold the most marvelous bear claws. This is a heavenly pastry filled with almond paste, glazed and sprinkled with toasted almond slices. I moved to another state, and months later when I celebrated my birthday, I received a surprise over-night package from a dear friend… a bear claw.
    As much as I wish I could poke a fork through my computer screen and sample the buns and meat cakes you made, I would love if next blog post, when you show us the wonderful foods you like to make, you could include the recipe, too?

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