Ski world championship

Petter Northug, photo from VG
Petter Northug, photo from VG

The time has yet again come for a competition that Norway usually does great in. This time it is the  FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Falun 2015.  As Falun is in Sweden and the neighbourly bickering between Norway and Sweden has been in the media for quite some time. For Norway’s part it has started ok, we have 2 golds and 2 bronze medals, that we got the first day. But our Nordic Combined team did not get any medals in their first competition. And to spoilt Norwegians this is not so good.

The most controversial of the Norwegian cross-country skiers is Petter Northug. He has always been very cocky and has especially liked to egg on the Swedes. He has not gotten less controversial after his drunk driving incident this summer. When he won the race on the opening day of this championship he was moved to tears. His newfound humbleness in the aftermath of his victory seems to have gotten him back in good grace with some of the Norwegian population.

Therese and Marit
Therese and Marit, photo from NRK

The Norwegian cross-country girls seems to be winning a lot this year. As a Norwegian I really hope they continue winning, but I hope, for the sake of the sport that someone from other countries gets a few medals here too. The fact that a young swedish girl got the silver medal in the first competition was good in that sense. That being said I hope we get quite a few medals and that the ski races and ski jumping will be entertaining to watch.


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