March already

Looking back on my blog, I found a post from 1st of March last year, First day of spring! Now this year it didn’t feel like the first day of spring on the first of March. Today there was even a bit of sleet in the morning. The last while it has been raining a lot. And the weather is very far from the nice one we had last year. But that hasn’t stopped this from being a good weekend.

1st of March 2014
1st of March 2014

Friday my cousin got her PhD and we went to her trial lecture, dissertation and for a dinner in the evening. It was a very nice sort of party and lasted untill the wee small hours. So Saturday had a bit of a slow start. But as the day was wet cold and miserable we went for a nice lunch at a place where they have good soup.

Soup and Sandwich
Soup and Sandwich

Later that evening we were invited to dinner at some friends house. And Sunday was used for watching the end of the ski world championship, where Norway got the last of the gold medals (in total we got 11 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze). I also went to a pub to see my first ever rugby match, Ireland versus England and that turned out to be a success.

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