Easter in Ireland Part 1

As those of you who read my blog will know I spent my Easter holiday in Ireland this year. On our way down we got quite a bit delayed due to really bad weather in Central Europe. But we finally made it to Dublin, in the middle of the night and immediately collapsed on our beds when we reached the hotel. We stayed the night in Bewleys airport hotel witch was a good hotel close to the airport.

Bewleys Hotel
Bewleys Hotel

The morning after the rental car was picked up and we went in to town to visit some people. It’s alway very nice to see friends and family  when you haven’t seen them for a while.  When it was time for lunch we headed to the castle.

Fizpatrick Castle Hotel
Fizpatrick Castle Hotel

The atmosphere here is amazing and the food is really good, so going back there is absolutely something I enjoyed. And the fact that it’s just up the road from some of the people we were visiting is very handy.

Nice suroundings for lunch.
Nice surroundings for lunch.

After having spent the day in Dublin we got in the car again and headed west. At a quick stop at a gas station on our way down I came across a  few packets of beef jerky with a sticker from a Norwegian  reality-TV Show. I found that a bit odd, since the show is in Norwegian, the sticker was in Norwegian and beef jerky is not very big in Norway.

Beef Jerky
Beef Jerky

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