Mayday Weekend

This May-day weekend I had big plans. The weather forecast was really nice and I was going to my family’s summer-house, to find some peace and quiet. Enjoy the sun and try out my new phone camera on the lovely scenery there. This did not happen, because on thursday I got a fever and was sent home from work… I spent the rest of the day sleeping and all of May-day in bed. Being really envious of the people who got to be outside in the sun that was even more brilliant than forecasted.

Luckily I was much better yesterday and got to enjoy a small walk and a little bit of fresh air. Even if I got tired really quickly the feeling of the sun warming my face was lovely and made me feel like the weekend could still be salvageable.

Walk by the lake in sunshine!
Walk by the lake in sunshine!

In the afternoon we were invited for a barbecue at some friends. So we picked up some fresh berries and ice cream and showed up. To say that we where well fed is an understatement. The lady of the house we visited is an excellent cook. She had made tons of dishes each one as tasty as the next.

Sunshine means BBQ!
Sunshine means BBQ!

So after having been eating for quite a few hours and celebrated that our friends had finished renovating the appartment ot their new house we rolled home and went to bed having eaten a little too much. But there is nothing like good friends, sunshine and lovely food to make you in a good mood after having your weekend hampered by fever. I just hope I get to go to the summer house sooner rather than later!

18 thoughts on “Mayday Weekend

  1. I’m glad you have recovered from your fever. I’ve just returned from walking my dog. It was raining when I left my flat but had stopped by the time I returned home. I think Sunday will be a changeable day here in the UK. Hope you get to visit the summer house. Kevin

    1. Today I’m going to a naming party for the newest little member of my extended family.
      Nice to hear the weather cleared up, I prefere to walk when it’s not raining even if that is refreshing at times. Hope the weekend is treating you well.

      1. Thank you. She is now 4 months so new is streching it a bit. But her naming party is today anyway 🙂
        Nice to hear that your weekend is good!

  2. You do seem to have recovered quickly, thank goodness, but do take care of yourself. 🙂
    It sounds like you are having a truly lovely weekend, even if you missed out on one day. Hugs.

  3. I had one of those bugs in January. Yes, they do take a bit to fully recover and we tend to push too hard. Glad you got to enjoy part of your weekend. Plans rarely go according to our wishes. Guess that’s why we have to be adaptable. Have a great week ahead and get extra rest.

    1. I hope this one doesn’t take too long to get out of my system 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend and that the week ahead will treat you good 🙂

  4. Hej, great that your fever went in time for you to enjoy the last day
    of the holidays. It sounds absolutely great. Love those BBQ’s in the sun.
    I see you also got to use your new phone camera. Lovely pictures.

    1. Thank you. Very nice of the fever to go away so I could at least enjoy a bit of my long weekend. Barbeques with friends are always lovely! Hope you’re keeping well 🙂

  5. Glad to know you survived the fever! Sounds like you had a delightful time. Hope you make it to the summer house soon. Yes, nothing like being outside, spending time with good friend,s and good food!

    1. Thank you. It looks like I get to go in for a quick trip to the summer house next week. The weather is not going to be anywhere as nice but it’s better than nothing. Hope you are well!

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