Shrimp sculpture in Stavanger Harbour

At the moment there is so much going on I’m struggling to wrap my head around. I’m still waiting for news on a lot of things and the list of things seem to get longer and longer. And for those of you who are wondering if I have gotten better at waiting now that I have more practice I can divulge that the answer is: No!

I promise to update you as soon as at least some things (hopefully soon), have started settling.  Hope you are all well!

12 thoughts on “Chaos!

  1. We all wish we were better at waiting. 🙂 The bigger the reward, the longer the wait. At least it seems that way. I’ve been keeping good thoughts for you each day. It will come.

  2. Yes you are getting better at waiting, you just don´t have the patience yet to realise it! Godspeed to you and may all things get better from now on!

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