Great News and Wonderful Food

I got some really great news at the end of the work week. They offered me the job I most wanted of all the ones I have applied for! I have been waiting for news on this for quite some time and as I accepted their offer I can’t say what emotion was stronger, happiness from getting the job or the feeling of relief over not having to wait any longer! They are both really great feelings!

Free breakfast to the people of Stavanger!
Free breakfast to the people of Stavanger!

Today there was a free breakfast given to all the people who stopped by town to get some. This was organized by a lot of local groups and businesses and had organic, locally produced food and fair trade food. It was really tasty and a very nice present to give to the town. It was much appreciated by all and a lot of thankful, happy faces was to be seen enjoying the lovely food served!

Serving food to the masses
Serving food to the masses

Afterwards I decided to celebrate my new job some more by treating myself to some of the food at the food hall in Stavanger. I came home with some of the most tasty mini tomatoes I’ve ever had, some wonderful cheese fresh from the producer in the neighbourhood and some snack salamies! It’s fair to say I’m all smiles at the moment.

Entrance to the food hall
Entrance to the food hall

If you have some time on your hands I recommend you go over to Janice at Mostly Blogging and join in at her great Meet and Greet. It’s a lovely way of meeting new bloggers and finding something new and interesting to read!

I hope you all have a weekend as wonderful as mine!

48 thoughts on “Great News and Wonderful Food

  1. So happy for you Maja😀 congratulations. I totally understand your joy both a securing your preferred job but also relief that the long wait is over. Brilliant news. Continue having a great weekend – do they later do free lunches and dinners too?!

    1. Thank you so much Annika! My weekend is excellent and I hope yours is too. They only did the breakfast, but maybe we’ll be lucky and get another meal another time!

  2. We like reading good news! We like eating free food! We like eating good food! Glad to hear everything is rainbows and ponies with purple tails where you are!

    Greg and his cats

  3. Hi Maja,
    Congratulations on the job! Great news! Thank you so very much for promoting my Meet and Greet. I am getting traffic from this site; that’s how I found out. Thank you!

  4. There was never a doubt in my mind that you would get what you were wanting. I was just sitting here patiently waiting for the announcement. I am so delighted for you and do understand both emotions. Always keep joy at the forefront. It brings good things behind it. Everyday can be a celebration and a wonderful new job is an added bonus. Woohoo! I’ll celebrate with you. We went to the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest today and bought my case of pickled garlic. I eat lots of it and never catch colds or flu. Now that autumn and winter are ahead, I’m giving my immune system a boost with it. We has sausage and sauerkraut too with a good beer. I was toasting you ahead of time. Yes, you were in my thoughts and I new the news was good. 🙂 Yes, I’m strange. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Marlene. I’m sure all your good thoughts helped me get it! The octoberfest sounds like much fun and pickled garlic sounds like a treat for the immune system. Hope the rest of your weekend will be good!

  5. Gratulerer med jobben! The long wait is over!
    Free breakfast? Count me in! When I visit the fisketorget in Bergen I have to bring a tissue so I don’t drool all over everything. I would have the same problem at Mathallen.

    1. Tusen takk. I’m very happy and relieved. Hope you are well and that the weekend is good to you. In Stavanger we also have a fisketorg but ulike the one in Bergen it’s Indoors. Not as charming, but more plesant when it rains.

  6. What excellent news – congratulations on your new job, especially since it’s one you really wanted! In celebration, I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award…I enjoy your posts, and the photographs of the town you live in!

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