Sunday Afternoon Swim

The weather here has been lovely lately so I have been a little absent. It’s said to turn now so I had to enjoy it while it was there.

Sunday afternoon I was so warm I just had to cool down. So I headed to Badedammen, a place to swim close by. Having been packed earlier in the day the kids had for the most part gone home and I got to enjoy a little peace and quiet.  

23 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Swim

      1. I did notice that you had not been posting lately. I thought perhaps you had fallen into the “sluggish blogging season” as I have as well as many others, I noticed. Hope to see you back soon and that everything is Okay.💕

  1. Ah, the joy of swimming I have just learnt of! My hip bones are sore – I had my third swimming lesson yesterday and my old bones are protesting. I think I will join you next time you go swimming since I can now actually swim for at least five meters! Ha!

  2. A little peace and quiet is priceless! Especially when cool, clear water laps around you:). If we all could do that more often, the world might be a nicer place.

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