Weekend feeling

Sushi and passionfruit beer makes a good start to the weekend

It’s weekend again! And for me it’s a weekend in between a lot of busy times. Som this weekend is all about relaxing and doing some of the things I feel guilty for not doing when I’m busy. The facts that a lot of the things are enjoyable is just a great bonus.

So I started off leaving work a little earlier than I had anticipated. And I went to get some lovely sushi and treated myself to a lovely craft beer with passionfruit. I did a few things that needed doing and the just relaxed on the couch before meeting up with some friends at the pub for a couple.

Today is  a slow morning, enjoying my coffee, reading some blogg posts before we’re going out for brunch later. Thank it’s up to my mums house to help her with a few things and get nice food. The Norwegian men’s  handball team are playing in the world championship som we will enjoy the game on the couch.

And som far there is nothing much planned for Sunday! Ah, I love weekends like this.

Hope your weekend is treating you as well as mine seem to be treating me.

31 thoughts on “Weekend feeling

      1. It was…interesting, I’m not sure about “good”.
        It was at the Isle of Wight garlic festival a few years ago, where they have everything with garlic in it; beer,, lemonade, ice cream (surprisingly good)

  1. It is no small luxury to do just what you want to do on any given day…thank goodness for weekends 🙂 It sounds like you are making the most of yours–that is my plan for this weekend as well. I am going to do a whole lot of whatever occurs to me (starting with staying in my pajamas for at least half the day 🙂 Thanks for a lovely post….it is really nice to read something positive and light 🙂

    1. It really is a luxury and I am enjoying every bit of it so far! Thank you very much for visiting and I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the post. Keep on having a good weekend, it will make your whole week better!

  2. Craft beer…I have that Homer Simpson drool going on….can’t get that where I am…the craft beer, not Homer Simpson drool…for clarity!

    Slow weekends are brilliant times to step away from a busy world and take a time out to recharge. Good reminder in this post to do just that!

      1. My pleasure…although I do feel weekends should be longer. Just as the wind down is working Monday leaps out shouting TA DA! So far Saturday is going well and I’m catching up on neglected social media post festive period 😱

  3. I love sushi! The tray you have there looks delicious – resembles the choices I usually opt for when I have it, myself!
    Passionfruit beer sounds pretty good…I’ve never had it, yet! I’ll have to look for it the next time I go to the specialty wine & spirits shop.

      1. It’s very possible…I’ll have to look around; sometimes things like that are seasonal. Next time you get sushi, eat a few extra for me, LOL
        I don’t get to have it enough…the nearest restaurant is a two-hour drive, and the weather has been treacherous!

  4. I too sometimes feel guilty for not being busy all the time, like today… I spent most of this Saturday researching recipes, reading, and telling my animals that the sunlamps are for my plants, not them. And, now, before I start dinner, I’m looking up pictures of handball national championships, because I wasn’t aware of such a thing!

    1. Sounds like a lovely day. Sometimes it’s important to do exactly what you want and as little as you feel like. I think it’s important to charge your batteries so you don’t run out of charge.

  5. Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend. I am going nowhere this weekend and neither are many others. Streets are iced over from our last storm. No one here is equipped for this kind of cold and ice. By Monday we get rain again and then we can get out and not slide. But everyday is Saturday when you are old. 🙂

    1. We had a bit of snow and ice here too, but it wasn’t slippery so we did not need to stay indoors. It’s good that there are plenty of nice things to do inside.

  6. Me too this morning…. just need to go turn on the coffee pot! Came out to my studio to turn on the heat when my electric bill popped up on line $100 more than two months ago! Argh! Maybe I should turn the heat off?! Lol. Relaxing other than that darn bill!

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