Norwegian dish: Komla (potao balls)

This Sunday I spent time at my mother’s house preparing a traditional Norwegian dish kalled komla.This is a kind of potato ball. I like making traditional food like this because it makes sure the traditions are kept alive.

Me grinding up the potatoes

We made quite a lot as we were having quite a few relatives over for dinner.

Dough ready

After the dough is made you shape it in to balls and put them in boiling water with stock from the lamb meat and let them cook untill they are done.

You serve them with salted meat of lamb, sausages, mashed swede and melted butter. As for me I like to enjoy a beer with the dish.

Ready to eat

32 thoughts on “Norwegian dish: Komla (potao balls)

      1. I may have to try the potato balls. Here, we make potato pancakes. Basically it’s just mashed potatoes flattened like pancake and seared on a griddle. Really good too. πŸ˜ƒ

  1. I usually find a way to have a potato a day…so I can certainly appreciate this dish. I am inspired to try these potato balls in the future!

  2. I know how it is to make and eat traditional foods. The Germans have their own version of a potato ball and it’s served with gravy and chunks of soft meat. Also bread balls are served the same way and my kids go nuts for them. It takes so much time to make it but warms the heart as well as the stomach. Lets hope you can pass the tradition down to the next generation.

    1. I sure will try my best. It’s important to pass traditions on to the next generations. My cousin’s kids really enjoy these dishes, so we’ll start with them!

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