Almost time for National Championship again

It is almost time for me to pack my bags and hop on a plane to the lovely city of Bergen. Every year in February I go there with my band to participate in the National Brass Band Championship. And I try to meet up with some friends when I am there. This time I’m leaving at Thursday morning and I’m very much looking forward to it. I have already made arrangements to be a part of some really nice things in my extended weekend.

Morning, sun coming out and all quiet

So this weekend has mostly been spent rehearsing for the competition next weekend. Rehearsals took care of Friday evening, most of Saturday and today. After rehearsals on Saturday I went out to watch the rugby match between Ireland and France, as a friend of mine had her birthday we went out for some pizza and beers and luckily I ended the evening early enough to not suffer lack of sleep today. As I have a busy week ahead the last thing I wanted to was to start the week very tired and wiped out.

Out to watch rugby it the pub

Today there is a concert after the rehearsals, with four other bands that are also getting ready for next weekend. Among these is my old band and it will be nice to hear them play and to talk to the nice people there. And then I have been so lucky that I have been invited to my mother for Sunday dinner, and she has said she might be serving komla (potato balls) and I’m very much looking forward to it. And as a bonus we don’t start to early today, so I got some time to enjoy working on my blog and reading others.

The weather this weekend has been wonderful and it has not been the best weekend to spend indoors. The sun has been out and it has been quite crisp and cold. I hope this weather will continue for some time, because the bright winter sun is very good for getting energy.

Hope you’re all doing great!


34 thoughts on “Almost time for National Championship again

  1. Ritu says:

    Hope your concert goes wonderfully!

  2. You must have a wee bit of “kiwiness” in you to be watching rugby in a pub 🙂 Good luck with the concert!

  3. Anindya says:

    All the best for the Championship

  4. Good luck with the championship! Have fun with your friends, it sounds like a good time!

  5. Good luck at the competition! 😊

  6. Good luck in the competition!

  7. Good evening.
    Japan is 9 afternoon on 4th,
    Thank you for a wonderful newsletter. Always waiting forward to.
    The snow festival of Hokkaido Sapporo is held.

  8. Helen Jones says:

    Have a great weekend, and best of luck for the competiton! 🙂

  9. I enjoy your band stories. Hope you fare well in the competition.

  10. jono51 says:

    Sounds like fun! My father used to make raspeballer. Same thing as komla, I think. Delicious, especially with lots of butter!

  11. johnrieber says:

    Hope you have a terrific time and performance…

  12. All the best 🙂👏🏼 hope you goes to plan and you do well! Xx

  13. Oh yum! Potato balls!! One of my favorites. I haven’t made them since my son’s birthday. No fun to make them just for me. Enjoy..

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