Easter in Ireland 2017: Walking in Dublin

Oscar Wilde lounging on a rock close to his old home

When I was in Ireland I had a few days around Dublin and as this coincided with my plan to walk more, I did quite a bit of walking. 


The weather was mostly overcast and the temperature was mild.

The floozy in the jacuzy

I didn’t just go walking, I had a few drops too.

Live music and a pint in Temple Bar

Grand Canal


16 thoughts on “Easter in Ireland 2017: Walking in Dublin

  1. Thanks for bringing us along for this lovely stroll Maja. Mega hugs.

  2. Did you have a Guinness?

  3. Great photos…and one can almost taste that pint!

  4. Love Dublin and thanks for letting us join you on the virtual stroll. Isn’t it interesting that Dublin manages to look grey and dreary despite the greenery and tranquil water? Pretty sure this is one of the many reasons Guinness is so popular;)

  5. Dublin reminds us of our literary and essential selves. What could be more important than this?

    Thanks for this.

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