Good Friday

Out walking in the sunshine

This Easter is very different than the Easter planned, but that does not mean that it can’t be nice. Yesterday we went for a walk in good weather, before we went home and did a few things around the house. One of them being putting up a new lamp we bought a few months back. I made a lovely trout dinner and spent the evening watching a bit of “Sunderland till I die” a football documentary series that I very much enjoy. And then ending the evening by starting watching Hinterland a good crime series.

A small lake to walk around

Today it was lovely sunshine again and I started the day by making a good egg and bacon breakfast before listening to a podcast with a good cup of coffee. And the getting ready to go out for a good walk.

A pause in the walk to get some ice cream

We decided to follow the government advice to go from walks from your house and not travel far to go walking and to try to avoid the places that would normally gather large crowds. On our way out we walked past the gas station in our neighborhood and as there were no one else inside we went in and treated ourselves to some ice cream.

Part of the Rudolf Steiner School

We walked places we don’t normally go and enjoyed the lovely warmth of the sun. A few hours went by very fast and and when we came home it was time to get a good cup of coffee and chill a while on the couch doing a bit of blogging. Before I go back to doing sensible things around the house, that is getting dusty a lot faster now that we are at home so much more than we usually are. I should probably go out in the garden and do a little bit of tidying and weeding out there too, but we will see. Good Friday is called Long Friday in Norway so it should be a long day.

Spring is really here with some lovely forest flower

Hope you are doing well, staying safe and able to enjoy Easter.

26 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Lovely journal, Maja. We love The crime series Hinterland, too. Filmed near Aberystwyth, Wales. Very dark and atmospheric! The Steiner school looks fascinating!

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