Enjoying my weekend

Thursday was a day off here in Norway for Ascension day. So I had a good day that started off with a sleep in. I went out to tend to my garden for a few hours and my legs are still sore from it. I went for a lovely walk and ended the day just chilling.

Friday was a quiet day at the home office so I got a lot done. In the evening we met up with a friend and went out for a really nice curry. The weather was really bad, so I offered to be designated driver. After curry it was time to go to the pub and have beers and soda (for me). It is amazing being able to be out again, as long as we keep our distance. And both the places we went to made me feel safe.

A wonderful sushi lunch

To day started off as errand day. I stared the morning in IKEA, I have not been there since the outbreak of the virus and there were a few items I needed. I also went to a few other shops to get some small things that was on my list. I ended my trip in the shopping center, returning my Nespresso capsules and going to many different shops for little things needed around the house.

After the food shopping at the end of the big shopping day, I sat down with a small bowl of crisps and a beer. Weekends really are a lovely thing.

What are you doing this weekend?

26 thoughts on “Enjoying my weekend

  1. Great to hear that your area is re-opening a bit…we are slowly moving towards it here in Los Angeles…this weekend involves two cocktail zoom get-togethers and some fresh Copper River Salmon from Washington State – it’s the very short season and a fish monger is shipping it overnight to us!

  2. Glad you are able to go out. We are also getting back to normal here, but are still sticking with take out for now. Enjoy your weekend. Allan

  3. Sounds like a good time there since Thursday. May rest of your weekend be nice. As you know today is still my Staycation week. So today’s will be revealed tomorrow on my blog, but it’s been a relaxing one. This afternoon has just flew by for me too.
    After going to the shop for a few groceries, I decided to bake a cake, when I arrived home. As soon as it was ready to try, I realised it was dinner time for me.
    Not long finished a dvd I fancied playing and now playing a cd. I may put another on before bed. 🙂

    1. I don’t know if that is a thing you want to be exciting. You just want it to go well without any excitement. But it is nice when it’s done

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