Social Sunday

Sunday I started off by enjoying a slow morning and then I drove over to a friend that has bought a new house with a lot of things to do. I had some time on my hands and as my other half was working I decided to help her out a little bit. As it is always nice to feel useful and to see my friend her hubby and their two cute little children.

Got a new waffle iron for my birthday and used it for the first time

After I got home I took out my waffle iron and made some waffles. I got the waffle iron for my birthday, but this was the first time I ever used it. The reason for making waffles today was that it was my grandfather’s birthday. This was the first time I went over to see him in person after the virus outbreak and he was very happy to see us, even if we could not give him a hug. It was me, my mother, my grandfather and my aunt and her other half. We kept our distance, but enjoyed chatting for a little bit and eating waffles and the lovely chocolate cake that my aunt had baked.

Waffles in a stack

When I got back home I had some tidying to do and then I enjoyed some Netflix with the other half before bedtime.

Hope your weekends was as good as mine!

14 thoughts on “Social Sunday

  1. I had a Zoom call with my Mom and two Sisters, and even though it’s all “socially distant”, it was nice to catchup and see their faces! Those waffles look great – there’s a place here in Hollywood called Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and they make the best fried chicken in town – with a waffle on the side!

    1. That sounds nice. It is lovely to see people digitally when you can’t meet in person. That combo sounds special. Would be interesting to try.

  2. The pandemic has crashed a lot, things are going to be okay.
    I know it’s gonna usher in a new dawn which will usher in another new dawn and will keep on ushering in new dawns till the day of the Lord.
    Waffles! Yummy.
    Going round seeing and encouraging acquaintances with sweet words are the perfect outing schedules in this period.

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