Vacation ending

This is the last day of my vacation this time around. I have had a very lovely and relaxing time. The last bit of the vacation was spent with around four days at our summer-house. I enjoyed some lovely days with mostly good weather. I went for some long lovely walks, read some good books, spent time with friends and family and ate good food. Just the way I wanted it.

My mother came the last few days, so we got to spend some time together and we did a few small jobs that needed doing in the garden. It was all very enjoyable and it was very good to be able to get some things checked off the list of jobs without having to spend the whole time working.

I drove home Saturday morning because I had a few errands that I needed to run, like getting a birthday present for my grandpa’s birthday today. I also had to help my other half put up a new wall in the house, so that things can progress here at home.

Sunday we had some friends with their three young children over for a visit, it was very enjoyable. We then went for a walk before I sat down to enjoy the last games of the Premier League season and my team Tottenham, won their last match. They have been playing poorly lately so that was a good way to end.

Today I got up a bit early and baked some scones for our breakfast, then I will make some waffles that I can bring up to my grandpa later for his birthday. I am now enjoying a lovely cup of coffee and thinking about when I will do my walk. I will also have to get ready for getting back to work after a good long break.

How has the week and weekend been treating you?

34 thoughts on “Vacation ending

  1. Glad you enjoyed ypur vacation break. Great to see another place where the national spring flower is the dandelion. They are going crazy here right now. Have a good week. Allan

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