Summer Weekend

This weekend had been very nice! Friday I went to pick up my bike from my parents place and had dinner with my dad. Before I went out for drinks with some friends. Saturday morning was nice and slow. Went to Renaa by the library for breakfast.

Breakfast platter at Renaa
Breakfast platter at Renaa

Then I went to see an exhibition of young architects, under 40, at the library. It was very interesting and shoved how you can make sustainable eco-friendly choices in planning new urban or rural areas. There was also a focus on making houses and cottages that would go well with the surroundings.

Urban planning
Urban planning
Different shapes in houses
Different shapes in houses

After this there was some necessary shopping to be done and we met up with some friends for a coffee. The evening was spent watching the football matches between Brazil – Chile and Colombia – Uruguay. The games were both exiting and for the most part entertaining.

Sunday started of quite slow before it was decided to go for a cycling trip in the nice weather. It ended up being quite a long trip that took around three hours, but the sun was shining and it was lovely to be outside the whole day in the sunshine. After this we went for a Coca Cola down by the sea in Stavanger centum at Hansen Hjørnet.

Hansen Hjørnet
Hansen Hjørnet

Afterwards I went to practise driving with my dad. I have now installed myself in front of the TV, with a beer, to watch some football. Life truly is wonderful when you get weekends like this!

Hope your weekend has been as good as mine 🙂



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